New Year's Resolution for Healthy Lifestyle

Let me start by wishing all of my readers and visitors to my blog a Happy New Year..... you've been wonderful I know last year I was unable to write for my blog because of my tight schedule but expect this year good health tips.

Many people see the beginning of the year as the right and perfect time to start afresh, and to open a new chapter,  which is the reason why many make new year resolution in an attempt to maybe live a new life, be a changed person,  or to live a helthlife style.
However only a very few percentage,  really sticks to those resolution they make. Research made on this have shown that before february many people would've backslidded. Resolution are easier to make but quite difficult to maintain. Instead of making a bulky list of them which you will latewfind difficult to maintain rather keep it simple,  focus just on one and stick to it.
Living healthy lifestyle oftentimes top the list for many every year if you are one of them or planning to live a healthy lifestyle this year, try out these healthy habit resolution for a healthier you this year.

Fill Up with Proteins : protein is very important and essential you should include them in your daily diet because the perform crucial and vital roles in our body such as they act as the main building block of the body,  they act as enzymes which make the muscles tendon, organs amongst others. Cut out starches and sugary foods from your diet and fill them up with protein rich foods, eat enough of it our body needs it they won't have any side effect. Notable source of protein includes fish,  meat,  dairy product,  legumes,  eggs,  nuts,  beans.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits : fruit and vegetables are highly nutritious naturally low in fats they are contains major vitamins and minerals, a rich source of dietary fiber, high in antioxidants antibacterial, phytonutrient name them.  They strengthen the body and helps it fight against diseases, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, aid recovery, and other benefits This year eat make it a habit of eating fruits and vegetables.

Drink More Water and Take a Rest : water  is very essential and its highly needed by the body for several metabolic activities and to carry out other functions. So it's advisable, if you are the type that don't drink water very well change that habit,  take at least 8 glass of water everyday, to keep the body rehydrated always.
Also it's very important to take a rest get enough sleep   most especially at night. It is one of the key to living a healthier lifestyle as it keeps the body refreshed, make you feel better,  improve your memory, and live longer.

Once again Happy New Year!!!

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