Healthy Tips On How To Sleep Faster

Sleep Are you tired of lying on bed starring at your ceiling wishing sleep would come? ?
Or you are looking a faster way to sleep. Then seat back and read this useful tips.

5 Useful Tips On How To Sleep Faster

1. Get Some Exercise During The Day: People who is physically active fell asleep faster and sleep over well as long as they don't exert them selves with 3 hours of bedtime.
2. Turn of Your Cellphone at Least 1 Hour Before Going to Bed: Study indicated that being expose to cellphone radiation before going to bed may compromise sleep quality.
3. Put a Few Drops of Vanilla Oil on a Tissue and Put it Inside Your Pillow Case: Studies have indicated that the scent may help you sleep faster than they normally do and get you in to dream state more quickly. The scent of lavender help people asleep too.
4. Take Foods that Help you Sleep Better: during the day, try and make some changes in you diet, includes foods that will help you sleep faster, such foods are Banana which contains some essential Minerals and Vitamins that relaxes your muscle and also increases your body's melatonin levels, thereby helping treat chronic insomnia. Another is honey which contains a lot of glucose, tells your brain to shut off orexin, which is a chemical that is known to trigger alertness. But, don't overdo it; just one tablespoon of honey is enough for a good night's sleep.
5. Stay Cool: Imagine a scene that has a pleasant and suiting to you, this may help you relax and fell asleep.
If none of this are working, get out of bed and do something as long as it doesn't involve turning on an electronic device which only stimulate you further. Return to bed when you feel drowsy.
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