6 Suprising Health Benefit of Mango Fruit

Popularly know for it delicious taste, mango is one of the seasonal fruit that comes with a well packaged vital nutrients which are of great importance to the body. it has a good number of health benefits ranging from boost immune system, protect the liver, reduce cancer risk and so on.

 The mango fruit is common among Nigerian and it is cultivated mostly  by locals, aside the fact that it is planted and grown for it fruit, it also used for other purpose, such as the leaves and barks of the tree is used by traditional as herbal medicine, it acts a wind vane in the environment.

When buying mangoes in the market its advisable to option for organic ones that locally grown because they are more nutritious not only that it is more rich in nutrients, it is more healthy compared to the ones that chemicals are added to in order to make it ripe. not only mango fruit why purchasing any fruits or vegetables always go for the organic ones.

The fruit can be eaten raw as healthy snack or prepared as fruit juice , which ever of them suits your taste. but for me i will go for the raw one, because except  you should juice it your self, i won't advise you to go for the ones that they sold(canned & packaged) outside, most of them are not 100 percent mango juice.
here are healthy benefits why you should eat mango fruit.

1.  Reduce Cancer Risk ; regular consumption of mango fruit is one of the best way to lower the risk of cancer, the presence of anti-oxidant and methyl gallat  fisetin, in mangoes has shown to help prevent breast cancer, prostrate, leukemia and colon.

2.  Detoxify the Liver ; including mango in your diet can help you maintain a healthy liver, because the fruit contains antioxidant that help you detoxify the liver from harmful and toxic substances.

3.  Improve Immune system ; Mango also help to boost the immune system,  high powerful antioxidants and vitamin A & C helps the body fight against radical damages, and enhance the immune system function.

4. Reduces Cholesterol levels ; the mango fruit contains a lot of fibre, pectin, and potassium content that reduces cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and also improve the digestive system.

5. Enhance Brain Function: Like I said earlier on mangoes are rich source of vitamin B6 which helps to improve the nervous system and enhance the brain function, it also contains glutamine which also aid and enhance memory and concentration. 

6. Help Control Weight Gain: Consuming the skin (peels) of mangoes according to various studies conducted, can help put your weight under control as extract found in the skin of mango hinder the growth of fat cell.

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10 Healthy Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the healthy vegetables, that is common amongst Nigerians mostly grown in the northern part of the country, not only in Nigeria cucumber is very popular almost every where as it one the most consumed fruits in the world. You might have probably heard about this vegetable or have seen it somewhere inside the market, but do you know the health benefit behind it.

  Cucumber is highly nutritious, and known as one of the super food for body’s overall health. It can be eaten raw, or prepared with different kind of foods, when buying cucumber in the market, always go for the locally cultivated (organic) ones. Below are the 10 health prompting benefits of eating cucumber.

Rehydrates the Body & Lose Weight: Cucumber contains high water content, so it keeps the body rehydrated and eliminates toxins from the body, Cucumbers are also low in calories and the high water content in cucumber, makes it ideal for those who are looking for vegetables to help them shed unwanted pounds.

Improve and Aid Digestion: Cucumber aid and improve digestion; it contains high water content and dietary fiber, which is useful for the body in getting rid of harmful and toxic substance from the digestive system, also daily consumption of cucumber cures chronic constipation.

Lower Cancer Risk: Cucumbers contains compound such as lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol, pinoresinol, that helps the body fight against several cancer like prostrate, breast, chest, ovarian, and uterine cancer.

Relieves Bad Breath: cucumber contains photochemical that helps destroy bacteria that causes bad breath in the mouth, just a slice of cucumber chewed between your tooth and gums for 30 sec will do that.

Good for your Skin: if you don’t know daily consumption of cucumber can help make your skin look fresh and shinny, because of the it shares the same hydrogen level with the skin, which aids the treatment of common skin problems  such as irritation, sunburns, it also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the puffiness of the eye.

Stimulate Hair Growth: Cucumber contains silica and sulfur which improves hair growth, makes the finger nails shinny. Also the silica found in cucumber of helps to strengthen the connective tissue protect joint health.

Replenishes Daily Vitamins: Cucumber is a very rich source of vitamin; most of the vitamins present in cucumber are highly needed by the body daily, everyday intake of these vegetables together with its peels, helps to replenish the vitamins needed by the body and it also boost the immune system.

Prevent Diabetes and Reduce Cholesterol Level
: Cucumber contains compound called sterol, which has proved to be useful in to diabetes patients and also reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

Control Blood Pressure: Daily intake of cucumber also works effectively in regulating the blood pressure due to the presence of minerals such as potassium, magnesium.

Relieves Arthritis and Gout Pain
:  when ever cucumber vegetable is mixed with 100% natural carrot juice, it can helps to reduce and relieves the pain in the arthritis and gout, due to the vitamins present in cucumber such as foliate, vitamin B6, vitamin A, C, and D with minerals like magnesium, potassium.

Protect the Kidney: Daily consumptions of Cucumber, can also help to reduce urinary acid in the body, the water contained in cucumber helps to eliminate toxins and break kidney stones and keeps the kidney healthy.

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