Why You Should Avoid Drinking Energy Drinks

avoid energy drinks

In our local markets today there are different variety of energy drinks availaible such as the popular Lucozade boost, Power horse, and others.
Many of this drinks are not safe and can be dangerous to our health, peharps not most of these drinks can't give you the real energy compared to the carbohydrates.
In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), a doctor from the National Hospital Abuja Dr Agnes Eguagie advice people to avoid drinking energy drinks.

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she said most of these energy drinks contains high levels of caffeine in them and caffeine in itself has its own problems.
Apart from the fact that it makes you alert, it actually gives some people Dizziness, nervousness, and tremor.

So it is advisable for people who are hypertensive, to stop drinking this drinks because of the high level of caffeine in it, will cause the blood vessels to constrict and the blood pressure to shoot up, and can make one can come down with a stoke.

For those that have hypertension and diabetes, they don’t know, because there is a lot of glucose in it.
“These are not usually advisable, because as I said, the high amount of caffeine in it is actually quite detrimental. So, generally, I would not advise people to take it,” she said.

The doctor also added that excessive intake of energy drinks can cause heartburn, insomnia, ulcer and increase blood pressure and urination.
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