Health Benefit of Mushroom

benefits of mushroom

Over the past decades, traditional and locals in Nigeria have revered to mushroom for its medicinal and nutritional value
Mainly cultivated I the southern part of the country, where the climate is highly favorable for the natural growth of mushroom which is classified as a vegetable. Mushroom is unpopular in the Nigeria market nowadays as farmers rarely cultivate it. But its common to almost all the ethnic group in Nigeria and it uses varies from one and other, often regarded as a source of healthy nutrient it is totally low in calories, sodium content and contains very high amount of protein compared to the likes of fish, meat and other vegetables. It is also low in cholesterol fat free, gluten free and it includes all the nine amino acid that are very vital for health being. Furthermore it is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals the health benefit of mushroom are enormous below are some of the healthy benefit of this wonderful mushroom.  

Rich In Vitamins B:
Vitamin B such as roboflaun, niacin and compound as lysiae, leucine, pantothemic found in mushroom help to improve the functioning of the digestive & nervous system and promotes heathy skin.

Rich Source Of Mineral :            
Mushroom are good source of minerals such as potassium which aid the maintenance of fluid and control blood pressure.

Protect Body Against Diseases:
Mushroom are high in selenium, an antioxidant which is known to help the body fight against radicals damages and other diseases such as cancer, it also boost the immune system and improve fertility in men.

Resistance Against Allergies:
Mushroom are known to contain a lot of beta glucan which are effective in protecting the against allergies, it is also high in vitamin D which helps improve immune function.

Improve Brain Function:
Psilogbin a compound found in American, mushroom helps stimulate new brain cell growth , prevent extreme trauma and erase awful memories.

Fight Against Cancer:
Mushroom helps to increase patient survival during trials with breast cancer, postrate, lung cancer it also help lower side effect of nausea.

Fight Against Respiratory Infection:
Mushroom contains a supplement “pleutous” which help in preventing the body against upper respiratory tract infection which leads to cold and also boost immune system.

Support Weight Loss:
Mushroom is a good substitute for meat to faseb journal people who substitute meat for mushroom after 12months trials loss about 7pounds of weight and also improve and reduces your waist circumference thereby maintaining an ideal weight.

Reduce Asthma Attack:
Mushroom contains antiflamatoey properties that helps reduce asthma attack arithri & stroke damage.

 Fight Diabetics:  Mushroom such as   oyster and reishi according to the Chinese university of lung kong helps to reduce sugar level in the body. It also hinder the enzyme responsible for the production of glucose.

Prevent Constipation :
Mushroom are very good source of fiber content which helps prevent constipation.

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