Importance of Eating Protein

Enrich your foods with proteins
Proteins Foods

In our effort to always eat a balanced meal, primarily for the purpose of good health,  we tend to concentrate more on different types of food. normally we eat what is provided depending on the type of food we are capable of affording.
However many times when we watch or listen to health programs on TV or Radio,we often remember what the nutritionist say concerning eating a balanced diet. myself in particular am a fan of health programs on TV, i like watching them. one thing i noticed about nutritionist when invited to health programs is that they tend to focus and lay emphasis more on including a very good amount of protein to our diet. that was one of the main reasons behind the idea of writing this post. that reasons cause me to ponder, what makes them put more emphasis on protein, why not carbohydrates or any other six classes of food. so i went on making some research online, after my findings i come to understand the reasons why they put more focus on protein.
Protein as we all know is one of the three major classes of food. it is a complex naturally produce molecules composed of one or more long chain of amino acid. it source is abundantly in animal-derived food such as meat, pork, sea food (fish),and also leguminous plant such as  peas, beans, soya beans, nuts, etc. but among the aforementioned animal-derived sources of protein, fish is the most nutritious of  them all, for the purpose of this post i will be focusing only on fish since its the most valuable of them all. its a rich source of amino-acid, selenium, omega-3-fatty aid, vitamin D etc. also compared to other animal-derived protein food, like meat which take longer to digest, fish digest easily and faster, also its cheaper and more affordable than meat. some health benefits of fish includes it lower blood pressure & heart palpitation, reduces the chances of children having asthma, sustain brain function even till old age thereby preventing brain damage or diseases (dementia).. while from the Leguminous plant, at least any of soya beans, beans, nut contains the required protein intake and to crown it all protein is abundantly availaible world wide so getting it won't be difficult. To summarize it all,  always enrich your food with protein and remember your food is your medicine.

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