The Healthy Benefits of Pawpaw or Papaya

Pawpaw or papaya as been referred to by some, is one of the most common fruit that is popular amongst Nigerians. Botanically known as Carica papaya pawpaw belongs to genus Carica tropical fruits that is widely cultivated in Nigeria and other tropical and sub-tropical countries.

Often known for its sweet delicious taste and fibrous edible flesh, this wonderful and highly nutritious fruits is consumed by both young and old mostly due to its abundance, sweetness and refreshing taste. But behind that sweet taste are plenty wonderful nutrients that can be more beneficial to the body.

Low in calories papaya comes with essential health benefits ranging from source of dietary fiber, high in major vitamins A, B, C, riboflavin, niacine, carotenoids, thiamine, phytochemicals also contains minerals such as calcium, iron, copper and magnesium.

Pawpaw comes in different sizes and shapes and is available in most Nigerian market, it is called ibèpè by the southwest part of the country Yoruba precisely remember to go for the organic ones when you are buying (highly recommended).

The Wonderful Benefits of Pawpaw Fruit

1. Aid Digestion: Pawpaw contains some important compounds such as chrymopapin, Papin, that are rarely found in other fruit this compounds behave like enzymes and help digest proteins thereby converting them to amino acids.

2. Lower Cholesterol Levels: excess cholesterol in the body can result to blockage of the arteries which in turn could possibly leads to heart attacks but eating Pawpaw as it contains a lot of dietary fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C which have prove to help in reducing the level of cholesterol in the human body and prevent any build up of it.

3. Reduce Inflammation: Pawpaw contains some anti-inflammatory properties such as choline through reduces pains caused by inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Prevent Diseases: Papaya contains antioxidants which fights off disease causing organism, virus and bacteria that are responsible for the development of life threatening disease which many are ignorant of such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and is becoming rampant in our society today.

5. Leaves Serve as Anti Malaria: The edible young leaves of Pawpaw is used traditionally as anti malaria as well as the seeds which also serve as anti parasite.

Finally it boost the system as it plays a vital role in preventing diseases and Shield the body against several infections.

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Health Benefit of Mushroom

benefits of mushroom

Over the past decades, traditional and locals in Nigeria have revered to mushroom for its medicinal and nutritional value
Mainly cultivated I the southern part of the country, where the climate is highly favorable for the natural growth of mushroom which is classified as a vegetable. Mushroom is unpopular in the Nigeria market nowadays as farmers rarely cultivate it. But its common to almost all the ethnic group in Nigeria and it uses varies from one and other, often regarded as a source of healthy nutrient it is totally low in calories, sodium content and contains very high amount of protein compared to the likes of fish, meat and other vegetables. It is also low in cholesterol fat free, gluten free and it includes all the nine amino acid that are very vital for health being. Furthermore it is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals the health benefit of mushroom are enormous below are some of the healthy benefit of this wonderful mushroom.  

Rich In Vitamins B:
Vitamin B such as roboflaun, niacin and compound as lysiae, leucine, pantothemic found in mushroom help to improve the functioning of the digestive & nervous system and promotes heathy skin.

Rich Source Of Mineral :            
Mushroom are good source of minerals such as potassium which aid the maintenance of fluid and control blood pressure.

Protect Body Against Diseases:
Mushroom are high in selenium, an antioxidant which is known to help the body fight against radicals damages and other diseases such as cancer, it also boost the immune system and improve fertility in men.

Resistance Against Allergies:
Mushroom are known to contain a lot of beta glucan which are effective in protecting the against allergies, it is also high in vitamin D which helps improve immune function.

Improve Brain Function:
Psilogbin a compound found in American, mushroom helps stimulate new brain cell growth , prevent extreme trauma and erase awful memories.

Fight Against Cancer:
Mushroom helps to increase patient survival during trials with breast cancer, postrate, lung cancer it also help lower side effect of nausea.

Fight Against Respiratory Infection:
Mushroom contains a supplement “pleutous” which help in preventing the body against upper respiratory tract infection which leads to cold and also boost immune system.

Support Weight Loss:
Mushroom is a good substitute for meat to faseb journal people who substitute meat for mushroom after 12months trials loss about 7pounds of weight and also improve and reduces your waist circumference thereby maintaining an ideal weight.

Reduce Asthma Attack:
Mushroom contains antiflamatoey properties that helps reduce asthma attack arithri & stroke damage.

 Fight Diabetics:  Mushroom such as   oyster and reishi according to the Chinese university of lung kong helps to reduce sugar level in the body. It also hinder the enzyme responsible for the production of glucose.

Prevent Constipation :
Mushroom are very good source of fiber content which helps prevent constipation.

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Natural Remedies for Ulcer Disease

How to cure ulcer faster …..
Are you having constant stomach pain, heart burn, maybe its due to ulcer… Yes because all these are signs are all symptoms of ulcer, the pain cause to a person who has this H.pylori infection is sometimes severe; due to the presence of stomach acid , at times this pain last a few maybe 5 to 15 minutes.
There are several factors that causes ulcer, this includes consistent and over use of anti inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs), popularly know as pain killers, smoking, alcohol, infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori  eating spicy or pepperish food, stress, processed food, sugars do not cause ulcer rather these food makes the symptoms worse more complicated.
However it is advisable if you begin to experience any of these symptoms such as vomiting blood, dark stool that contains blood, having trouble breathing, lack of appetite, or unexplained weight loss to see the doctor so it could be treated immediately, leaving it untreated at this stage can cause obstruction in the digestive system, swelling, internal bleeding amongst others.
Fortunately and to God be all the glory who according to his word has provided us with “every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth and every tree in which is the fruit of a yielding seed for a meat (food).- Gen 1:29” therefore there are many organic foods that act as natural remedies to most of this diseases including ulcer and the organic foods I will be discussing in this particular post are extremely effective when it comes to the treatment of ulcer. These foods help to strengthen the stomach lining against acid and restores gastro balance. However in this post I will be focusing and emphasizing more on two which I can refer to as tested OK.


Cabbage is one of those foods that cure ulcer very fast, highly recommended, eat a lot of this vegetable. When it comes to the treatment of ulcer, cabbage stands out always number one, it’s one of the best remedy for stomach ulcer, because it contains lactic acid, which promotes the flow of flood to the stomach lining thereby strengthening the stomach lining and heal the ulcer. Consumption of cabbage helps the body get essential bacteria, which would be of great benefit, and help keep diseases-causing bacteria like H.pylori at bay. It also contains vitamin C which is lower in gastric juice, highly beneficial most especially to ulcer patient.

Unripe Banana
Unripe banana is another effective food which proves to be important when it comes to the treatment of ulcer. It contains antibacterial compounds such as polysaccharide soluble in water, which hinders the growth of H,pylori bacteria that causes ulcer. Unripe banana also contain compounds that secretes mucus in the gastrointestinal tract, forming a coating like a wall that helps strengthen the stomach lining.

In addition to prepare this food follow these simple tips

For cabbage: you can eat raw just wash it and rinse well and slice it or add it to your foods like your rice and stew but preferably eat raw or juice it after slicing and blend it together with little carrot and extract  the juice.

For Unripe Banana: you can banana milk shakes from unripe banana all you have to do is peel and slice it then dry in the sun (don’t oven dry), grind it in to find powder and you can take with honey.

Other organic foods that also help when it comes to the treatment of ulcer includes: coconut, garlic, ginger root.
In conclusion, if you really want to get cured of ulcer faster, follow this tips have shared eat a lot of cabbage, include it in your diet, take a mixture of your unripe banana powder and honey three times a day…. See for yourself after 2 to 3 weeks the result will surely speak for itself

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10 Health Benefits of Avocado

Have you ever eaten avocado pear before? Or have you seen someone eat it, come February we will be in it season which means you will be able to eat & taste what it look like.
The avocado tree, Persea americana, which belongs to the laurel family is a shaped fruit with dull yellowish-green colour, (the colour of the meat of an avocado) or black, pulpy fruit of the avocado tree. It is also known as butter pear.
Many people often ignore the avocado pear when buying fruit in the market because of it fats but these fruit be every woman’s favorite because it is one of the main ingredient that is use to make many beauty products (cosmetics) as it is a high & rich source of vitamin E which said to be a beauty vitamin.

Here are the benefits of Avocado

1. Prevent Arthritis : Avocado contains anti-inflammatory properties and phytoserols, arytenoids which prevent arthritis.

2. Regulate Blood Pressure : Avocado pear is a good source of potassium that protect the against high blood pressure, stroke & heart diseases & increase blood lipid level, it also contain 23% daily value of foliate which is helpful for the heart, development of brain & nervous system.

3. Nourishes the Skin : The presence of mono saturated fat in avocados helps the skin to dry & moist, it also clear the skin from eczema, wound spot, scads, sun damage there by making it smoother.

4. Reduce Cholesterol Level : The presence of beta-sit sterol & oleic acid in the pears helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the body.

5. Prevent Cancer : avocado pears is useful in the treatment and prevention of cancer, as it contains toxins that destroy cancer cell, it also contain anti- inflammatory properties, oleic acid, antioxidant that prevent breast cancer.

6. Improve Brain Health : It is also good for the brain as it contains omega3 fatty acid, vitamin E which is responsible for keeping the brain supplied with blood & prevents Alzheimer.

7. Useful for the Eyes : It's also a rich source of carotenoid lute in which help in protecting eyes from oxidative stress damage.

8. Helpful for Men : Avocado pears is often use by traditional locals for treating sexual problems in men (impotency).

9. Relief Digestion : The presence of vitamin B in avocado pears and digestion process improves absorption and it is used to cure constipation, nervousness and insomnia.

10. Help During Pregnancy : Taking at least a cup of avocado can found beneficial and it helps protect your unborn child due to the presence of high folic acid levels & vitamin B.

Update: Avocado is also good for men the minerals, monounsaturated fats and vitamin B6 contained in this fruit help keep your energy and sex drive up and recent research shows that men who eat avocado fruit have stronger sperm

Take nutritious avocados to beat ageing.

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New Year's Resolution for Healthy Lifestyle

Let me start by wishing all of my readers and visitors to my blog a Happy New Year..... you've been wonderful I know last year I was unable to write for my blog because of my tight schedule but expect this year good health tips.

Many people see the beginning of the year as the right and perfect time to start afresh, and to open a new chapter,  which is the reason why many make new year resolution in an attempt to maybe live a new life, be a changed person,  or to live a helthlife style.
However only a very few percentage,  really sticks to those resolution they make. Research made on this have shown that before february many people would've backslidded. Resolution are easier to make but quite difficult to maintain. Instead of making a bulky list of them which you will latewfind difficult to maintain rather keep it simple,  focus just on one and stick to it.
Living healthy lifestyle oftentimes top the list for many every year if you are one of them or planning to live a healthy lifestyle this year, try out these healthy habit resolution for a healthier you this year.

Fill Up with Proteins : protein is very important and essential you should include them in your daily diet because the perform crucial and vital roles in our body such as they act as the main building block of the body,  they act as enzymes which make the muscles tendon, organs amongst others. Cut out starches and sugary foods from your diet and fill them up with protein rich foods, eat enough of it our body needs it they won't have any side effect. Notable source of protein includes fish,  meat,  dairy product,  legumes,  eggs,  nuts,  beans.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits : fruit and vegetables are highly nutritious naturally low in fats they are contains major vitamins and minerals, a rich source of dietary fiber, high in antioxidants antibacterial, phytonutrient name them.  They strengthen the body and helps it fight against diseases, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, aid recovery, and other benefits This year eat make it a habit of eating fruits and vegetables.

Drink More Water and Take a Rest : water  is very essential and its highly needed by the body for several metabolic activities and to carry out other functions. So it's advisable, if you are the type that don't drink water very well change that habit,  take at least 8 glass of water everyday, to keep the body rehydrated always.
Also it's very important to take a rest get enough sleep   most especially at night. It is one of the key to living a healthier lifestyle as it keeps the body refreshed, make you feel better,  improve your memory, and live longer.

Once again Happy New Year!!!

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