5 Benefit of Drinking Water in the Morning

Water is the most important and basic element needed by human beings to survive, as the saying goes water is life, and there is no, (yes capital NO) human being on earth that can survive without water, because it become it is something we can’t do without everyday.

Water popularly known as H2O is very essential for our body because of about 55 – 60% of water fluids exist the body every time through pores (sweating), via urine, and breathing and in order to maintain and keeps the body in balanced state, these must be replaced everyday.

However, in this article I will be sharing with you the benefits of drinking water. There various health benefits of drinking water but specifically I will be sharing with you the benefits of drinking (on an empty stomach) in the morning.

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     Benefits of Drinking Water Every Morning.

1.      Aid in the production of new blood cells and muscles.

2.      It cleanses the large bowel so as to make it absorb nutrients easily.

3.       Helps to remove toxic substances from the blood and speed up metabolism.

4.      It also encourages weight loss, yes! Drinking water on an empty stomach every morning helps you to reduce weight.

5.      Balanced the body fluids, lymph system and also fight against diseases and infections.

In addition, if you planning to start, in the morning make sure you take at least 2-3 glass of water, before brushing your teeth. After that you don’t have to drink neither you eat anything in the next 45 minute.
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5 Reasons to Drink Lemon in the Morning

According to Wikipedia, lemon is a yellowish citrus fruits gotten from the semitropical tree. Highly nutritious in vitamins the fruit is commonly used by the locals in Nigeria to treat different sought of sickness like cough, typhoid and others.

Here are the benefits of lemon with water in the morning………..

1.    It Increases Digestion: start your day with a glass of water and lemon as it improves digestion and helps in fighting hunger.
2.    Detoxify the Body System: lemon a natural diuretic helps to remove foreign and harmful substance from the body; it also contains antimicrobial properties that protect the body from diseases.
3.    Gives you More Energy: Instead of drinking most of this energy drinks which are very harmful to the body, lemonade is the best option to help you replace them as it refreshes the body and gives you more energy.
4.    Enhances Immunity: lemon contains a very large quantity of vitamin C, which perform a very useful role in improving the immune system.
5.    Speed up Metabolism: lemon also help in dissolving fat, and also detoxify the liver in order to speed up the rate of metabolism in the body system.

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