5 Advantages of Consuming Fish Regularly

Taking fish frequently, at least two times a week is very good and healthy for the body. It plays a vital role in protecting the body from different types of diseases.

Fish as an aquatic animal is very rich vitamins and minerals that help the body fight against diseases. Fish such as mackerel, crab, lobster, shellfish, sardines and many other are very nutritous , and should be taken by an individual on regular basis.

Below are 5 amazing advantage of eating fish.

1) Reduce the Risk of Heart Diseases: Intake of fish improve your chances of not getting heart problems such as cardiovascular diseases. In the sense that it lowers the fats in the blood. Also oily fish which contains omega 3 fatty acid helps in reduction of blood clothing and abnormal heart rythms.

2) Prevent Brain Damage and Lower the Danger of High Blood Pressure: unsaturated fatty acid normally found in various fish prevent brain damage and it also lower the risk of High Blood Pressure (H.B.P)

3) Lower Cancer Risk: Eating fish such as crab, lobster, shellfish can also help in reducing the risk of having cancer. Because these fishes listed above contains selenium which studys show have cancer fighting properties.

4) Ease Depression and Lower Asthma Risk: consumption of of fatty fish is said, can help ease depression and children who also eats this type of fish hardly develop asthma.

5) Help Diabetes Patient and Pregnancy Women: Intake of fish by pregnancy women is good for their health as it reduces the danger of having a premature baby during delivery and can also help maintain the blood sugar level of individual with diabetes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As it has been written to consume fish regularly it is also very important not to eat fish that is high in mecury because too much of mecury in fishes like shark, swordfish, gem fish and many more should be avoided, most especially by pregnant women of and children normally between the age of 1- 6 years.

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Health Benefits of Ugwu Vegetable(Fluted Pumpkin)

Telfaria Occidentalis a leaf populary known as Fluted Pumpkin or Ugwu is an African tropical vine planted in Nigeria, normally the easter part of the country.
The plant is a dry spell-tolerant , dioecious enduring that is generally developed trellised .

The junior shoots and leaves of the mother plant are the Essential Ingrident of the popular Nigerian soup , Edikang Ikong
Ugwu leaf can be taken when cooked as a soup, but it is best taken and highly nutritous when it is in a liquid form, all have to do is to juice it.
However the dark red seed that is up to 5cm long is rich in protein and fat. It might be eaten raw or cooked, it can also be grounded into powder for a different sort of soup or eaten as portherb .
Below are the Health benefits of Fluted Pumpkin (Ugwu)

1) Rich Source of Dietry Fibre: fluted pumpkin is very rich in dietry fibre, it contains vitamin A, for cleare visions and also protect and keep our skin fresh, vitamin C, that helps to heal wounds and scar, it also contains some minerals like calcium for strong teeth and bones, Iron for the muscles.

Increases Blood Volume and Boost Immune System: Ugwu helps in boosting the immune system and also increases blood volume. It is always pescribe by doctors for pregnant women, patients that have loss much blood because it will raise the blood level just in a matter of days.
It's Treat Sudden Attack of Convulsion, Malaria and Anaemia:
According to Nigerian daily paper Tribune when this plant is prepared herbally it is use to treat sudden attack of convulsion, malaria and anaemia.
In addition it also plays a vital and protective role in Cardiovascular diseases.
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How to Prevent Tooth Decay and Gums Diseases

As per a report from Nigeria daily newspaper site The Nation Tooth rot and gum infections have been recognized by the Nigerian Dental Association (NDA) as a percentage of the normal maladies influencing oral health.
According to the President, Dr Olurotimi Olojede stated there was need to anticipate the afore mentioned diseases by brushing the teeth two times daily (Morning and Night) with a medium texture toothbrush for around the range of two minutes and seeing the dentist at least once 6 month to stop any new improvement.
Olojede talked on the occasion of World Oral Health Day (WOHD) in Lagos, entitled Healthy teeth for Healthy life.
He stated healthy teeth gums and mouth play an essential part in individuals' capacity to work or mull over without consistent pestering and tormenting toothache.
Portraying tooth rot, he said: "This is when acids in the mouth break up the external layer of the mouth."

Chairm Person, Product and Commitee of NDA, Dr Dunni Ogundana, said people develop tooth situations on the grounds that a mess of individuals don't brush their teeth while those who don't brush fittingly and at the right recurrence.
She stated individuals might as well brush in the morning and night before they head off to bed,stressing that the mouth is an important part of the form since it is the entry way into it.
She stated there was need for consciousness that taking fore thought of one's teeth is not only for the mouth separated from everyone else yet for the general wellbeing of their health.

"As the Popular saying goes `Prevention is prefarable and far more better than Cure. So when individuals avert tooth situations they won't need to use cash on medication. It is shabbier to strive for dental checkup than medicine.
"At the time you visit your dentist once each six months, he possibly fit to grab any problem that has begun advancing in your mouth and he can check it from developing in any way."
Ogundana stated individuals might as well check with their dentists to know which tooth paste is handy for their teeth on the grounds that some individuals' gums respond to some tooth paste, particularly natural or other recommended tooth glues. "In any case it doesn't mean every person's gums will respond to it. In home grown tooth paste, the majority of the constituents may be excessively, which is the reason the NDA attempts to ensure that they are in the right dimension, she included.

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Health Benefit of Guava Fruit

To make it brief and short, Guava is a pale orange tropical fruit with sweet juicy flesh, it contains alot of nutrients that is very important for the body. below are the health advantage of guava

1) Guava is a purgative fruits, as a rich source of dietary fiber, it serves to cure obstruction.

2) Magnesium in guavas serves to unwind the nerves and muscles in the form.

3) Guavas very low in calories and fats yet hold some imperative vitamins, minerals, and cancer prevention agent poly-phenolic and flavonoid combines that play a significant part in aversion of malignancies, against-maturing, invulnerable-promoter.

4) Guava is stuffed with vitamins and minerals that help to keep the skin solid, crisp and wrinkle unlimited.

5) Guavas are exceptionally exceptional sources of vitamin A, the nutrient best known for saving and enhancing vision.

6) Guava is rich in Vitamin C which serves to anticipate the viral contaminations like frosty and hack. It additionally viably assists in treating scurvy.

7) One measure of guava is stuffed with practically the same potassium as bananas. Potassium acts as a critical element in directing pulse by reversing the part of sodium in unbalancing typical pulse.

8) General guava utilization can likewise do the skin great through its vitamin E content.Vitamin E assists support sound skin through its cancer prevention agent lands.

9) Guava is a cholesterol unhindered tree grown foods. It fulfills and keeps the stomach free from hungerfor quite a while. It supports in weight lessening and assists tocontrol diabetes.

10) Guava ought to be depleted customarily assuming that you need to avoid heart assault.
Do you know any health advantage of this fruit pls let us know

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(4) Unhealthly Food That Is Bad For Your Skin

Here are (4) Unhealthly Food That Is Bad For Your Skin

1) Processed Food:

foods that are
processed and packagedshould be stop and not be eaten, in other to avoid nutritional defiency normally when such foods are been processed, the essential nutrient, enzymes, and it's water content are been lost.

The effects of processed and pakages food of individuals who takes it, always show up on their skin


2) In Organic Foods:

food that are not oragnic in nature are also bad for the skin, because they are grown with, and it contains herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, when it comes to state of our health, these toxic and harmful substance can cause harm to our body. Foods that are cultivated organically have more nutrient, vitamins, good water content than the non oragnic ones
In additional oragnic foods also help in building the body complexion.

3) Animals from Industrial farming and Dairy:

Animal that are farm industrially normally in large scales are fed with hormones(for cow that make them lactate yearly in other to increase their milk production), antibiotics, and cocktails that make them grow faster and fatter


One the type of these animal that are grown here in Nigeria is our popular `Agric Fowl` these domestic animals are not fed with natural hebivore, which is not healthy for us to eat anytime we eat this animals we get affected with the chemical cocktails and hormones which causes in inflammatory, acne, and inbalance in our bodies.

Excess sugar: Too much of sugar affects our health negatively in such a way that it's weaken the body immune system, due to the weakness of the body, it's makes the body un effective to fight foriegn substance such as bacteria(which leads to some bad skin conditions) coming in to the body. Individual especially diabetes patience should stop the intake of sugar, it is unhealthy to our body.

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(4) Unhealthly Food For Your Skin

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Are You Eating A Balanced Diet

How To Eat A Balanced Diet

A diet as we all know is the amount of food a person's takes or consumed. eating a balance meal is very important for an individual to keep the body healthy.first and foremost,What is a balance diet, a balance diet is a meal containing the right proportion of the main classes of food.eating plays a vital role in maintaining and sustaining a good health.

As an individual eating a balance diet is very very essential for our health, with the help of a balance meal our body is been prevented from diseases and sickness such as diabetes,osteoporosis,scurvy and many more. recent study has show that 75% of Nigerians eats unbalanced diet, those who failed to eat a healthy balanced diet suffers a lot of consequenses like malnutrition; taking of a balance meal helps the body with some vitamins and minerals needed for the body to be healthy. failure of eating a balance meal, provide a chance that you will be lacking some basic nutrients studys has also shown that malnutrition is as a result an unbalanced diet and can leads to malfunction of the nervous system, growth and also development of the body. and those who take a balanced meal will ha ve a good weight antibodies to prevent diseases, and other kind of sickness.

Now the question you will ask yourself is that do you eat a balanced food? To eat a balance diet follow this three (3) simple steps:
1) make sure the food you eat contains the right proportion of the main classes of food i.e carbohydrate,protein,fats and oil,mineral salt, vitamins and water.
2) always make sure that the bulk of your food intake should consist of fibre, vegetables, fruits and less fats.
3) eats dense food like carrots raw and take alot of water.
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Health Benefit of Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that intake of raw fruits and vegetables with regular out
doors exercise is to keep your body healthy.
Raw fruits and vegetables contains essential nutrient, that will
protect the body against foriegn substances and patogenic. As they
help to enhance the wellness of the body.
Intake of raw fruits and vegetables is far more better that taking
the cooked or processed ones because it more and highly nutruitional
when taken raw and fresh, Also it increses and enhances the metabolic
system of the body, making sure that all waste are removed. When this
raw fruits and vegetables are taken regularly, sickness will be always
bounced back by the body because the human body system will be kept
Some of the fruit and vegetables that needs to taken raw are garden
egg, guava, salad, and also bitter leaf. These fruits and vegatables
enhances the circulation of blood in the body.
In addition, vegetables should not be cooked for too long, because
when it's becomes soft it reduces the nutrient in it, which good for
the body. Also intake of sugary foods and drinks should be reduce as
it also contribute to sickness.
Furthermore, we should stop the habit of eating late at night
because the activeness of the body to help in digesting the will be
very low at night compare to during the day.
Regular Practice and consistent exercise frequently guarantees great
health. It additionally lesses the dangers of contracting disease.

Likewise, individuals may as well take no less than eight glasses of
water every day. This will help them to urinate no less than two times
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Health Benefit of Honey and Sea Salt to the Human body

Honey as we all know is been used everywhere in the world. Egyptians
of the olden days used it as a means of currency, like gold and silver
and the rest they normally add it to the wines that they gave to their
gods, the Germans have used it to sweeten the taste of alcoholic
beverages, such as beer, Here in Nigeria, it we use it for treating
wounds, herbal medicine, also patient with diabetes used it as there
means of Sugar.
The content of honey are amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
Here are the benefits of honey.
*BOOST ENERGY: Studies have shown that the glucose found in honey,
with other natural sugars, can give the same boost to athletes, and is
better than taking refined sugars, which to me can cause other bad
sickness to your body, .
*Sound sleep and Rest: Honey also helps in terms of improvement of
sleep and promote relaxation According to www.doctoroz.com the
natural sugar found in honey raises our insulin slightly and allows
tryptophan,the compound famous for making us sleepy after eating
turkey at Thanksgiving, to enter our brains more easily" So take a
spoonful of honey before bed and you will see the result.
*Used for treatment of wounds : As i earlier said before, it widely
used to heal cuts and scrapes in Nigeria, and other part of the world,
Honey contains anti-bacterial properties that help to stop infection
in minor abrasions. With, its thickness also guide it against bacteria
and dirt entering a wound. Just put a little honey onto your cut and
cover with a bandage.
*Moisturized Skin : Honey it helps absorbing and retaining on the hair
and skin. Due to this value, it been added tohoney is added to soaps,
shampoos and other cosmetics. You can also used it for bathing by
stirring it up with milk for a facial, adding it to your bath water to
soften skin, or mixing it with olive oil as a natural hair conditioner
In addition honey is one of Mother Nature's most versatile foods.It
not only serves as a delicious, all-natural sweetener, but it's a
helpful tool in supporting a healthy body and glowing appearance.Why
do you think it's been so popular for thousands of years?

Health Benefits of Sea Salt
Sea salt is quickly fitting progressively prominent, as more
individuals are studying about all the health benefits that the salt
needs to offer. The salt is acquired naturally from the sea, and does
not experience any preparing that changes the regular make-up of the
Therefore it holds numerous crucial follow minerals that your form
needs so as to be solid. This sea salt is healthier than the iodized
salt accessible in the market. According to healthmango.com
the article covers some the significant health importance of sea salt.

*Strong Immune:
Sea salt characteristically encourages you to advance an in number
invulnerable framework for the purpose that you can battle off the icy
infection, the fever and influenza, anaphylaxes and other auto
insusceptible scatters.

Sea salt is alkalizing to the figure, as it has notbeen presented to
towering high temperature and stripped of its minerals, nor does it
have any unsafe man-made parts added to it. Along these lines it may
be useful you to anticipate and reverse elevated amounts of acids in
the form, which in turn disposes of the dangers for genuine and
life-antagonizing diseases.

*Weight Misfortune:
Accept it or not, yet sea salt can additionally assist you in weight
misfortune. It encourages the form to make digestive juices with the
goal that the nourishments you consume are processed quicker, and it
serves to anticipate development in the digestive tract, which finally
can prompt clogging and weight progress.

*Skin Conditions:
A sea salt soak can help to assuage dry and bothersome skin and
additionally genuine conditions for example skin inflammation and
psoriasis . The wash regularly opens upthe pores, enhances course in
the skin and hydrates the tissues with the goal that your skin can
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Daily Consumption of Cofee can Increases Life Longetivity

Stakeholders at a conference held in Lagos has stated that taking two
to five measures of cafe day by day expands the time frame an
individual is wanted to exist as it brings down the danger of heart
infections and gives the consumer an improved risk of living long
This was revealed at the Light's 2013 stakeholders Conference held in
Lagos with the subject: 'Cofee side of life. The parley was to,
besides all else things, investigate the impact of cofee on the human
form and its impact on the future of people
According to a nigerian widely read newspaper, popularly knows as the Tribune,
Articulating at the stakeholders'forum, a cardiologist from the Lagos
University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Dr Akinsanya Olusegun-Joseph
while divulging cofee secrets in relations to health, illustrated that
individuals who drank no less than two or three containers a day were
in the vicinity of 10 for every penny or 15 for every penny less
inclined to bit the dust for any excuse for why throughout the 13
years of study.
Dr Akinsanya further demonstrated that the moderate admission of
espresso, as per studies, brings down danger of coronary coronary
illness in view of its towering component of cell reinforcements which
serves as an umbrella in diminishing oxidant push, including that
cofee holds the most note worthy cell reinforcements contrasted and
cola, tea brew and tree grown foods juices.
"The cancer prevention agent operator of cofee help serves as an
umbrella that assists in securing the figure opposite oxidative cell
harm subsequently of every day introduction to the component which
expedites rash ageing, stroke, fruitlessness, around others."

An additional medicinal specialist, Dr Kemi Odukoya, while speaking
disabused the misguided judgments about cofee allow because of its
juice part. She depicted it as a gentle stimulant of the mid anxious
framework which serves to lessen sentiments of sluggishness and
exhaustion, including that individuals are specific about this not
minding the profits of its utilization.
As per her, numerous people still erroneously accept that cofee
utilization could be destructive to one's health; including that the
myth encompassing cofee that connections the ubiquitous toast health
situations like heightened circulatory strain, coronary failure and
anxiety is confounded
She reasoned that regardless of shifting misinterpretations that cofee
is awful, "research indicates that direct espresso utilization, four
or five glasses a day is truth be told superbly sheltered."
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