7 Reasons Why you Should Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleeping has become a very essential and inevitable part of our life, it is the time when our body rest and be relief of work.
Depriving the body of not sleeping well is not OK at all. It's affects your health in various ways, chronic sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness, high blood pressure, stress, stroke and weight loss or weight gain.
According to my recent research, i have found that more people are sleeping less than six hours a night, for whatever the reason sleep is too important to shortchange.
Today am goning to share with you the health benefit of sleep and these benefit should be enough to tell why you shouldn't deprive yourself of sleep. Below are the health importance of sleep.

7 Reasons Why You Should Always Sleep At Night

#1. Creativity, it make u more creative. It has been attest that people who always sleep well are more creative than the individuals who don't.

#2. Having a good sleep at night, can help lower the chances of been affected by disease such as heart diseases, strokes, diabetes etc.

#3. It also enhance your memory. It has proved that when you're learning something new, you mind can combine what you're trying to learn while you're sleeping.

#4. Having enough sleep needed for your body will also keep you away from daily stress, tensions etc as those who have a sound sleep feel fantastic when they wake up.

#5. In as much as good sleep makes you look healthier it also makes you look attractive. A research held in 2010 has proved that people who take enough sleep score more as being more attractive than those who don't.

#6. Good sleep also increases your attention span, if you notice, children always look active while adults look woozy and tired, it's just because children do have a solid night sleep than the adults do.

#7. Finally you should always maintain and keep yourself healthly, because part of our brain control sleep also connection with metabolism syste

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